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January 2020 - Currently BPTB are unable to accept any new applications for sample requests. This situation may change in the forthcoming months, please check this page for updates.

Information for Researchers

What are biomarkers?

Biological markers which can be detected in human body though a range of tests can enable doctors to do various things for a disease. They can be divided as:
  • Diagnostic biomarkers: enable early diagnosis
  • Prognostic biomarkers: define patients' requirements for additional treatment
  • Predictive biomarkers: Define the type of treatment
    • Pharmacodynamics: how patient may respond to treatment for e.g., how a drug/medicine may be distributed in body and what effect/side-effect it may have
    • Efficacy response: whether patients are responding to treatment

So what is missing?

  • To develop a diagnostic test, we are unable to access samples that are
    • uniformly collected
    • reliably stored
    • clinically annotated
  • These patients are often seen by diverse specialities in clinics at different sites
  • No clear collaboration between clinicians working in different specialities and scientists with distinct expertise.

What are the merging opportunities in research and treatment of cancer patients?

  • More effective treatments
  • Centralisation of services leads to highly experienced teams with efficient protocols
  • Cutting edge technologies in research such as
    • Next generation sequencing
    • Proteomics, metabolomics, and other -omics platforms
    • Cell and molecular biology
    • Targeted treatment regimens
    • Bioinformatics and IT
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